His actions are confusing? Not sure if he likes me ol it's alcohol?

How we know each other:
-Flat mates at school
-Known each other for about a week

-I don't like him because even though he is cute a lot of our ideals don't match up, plus he is my flat mate.
- He thinks I like him but I think I remember our mutual friend saying that he told them that he doesn't like me

Night 1:
We were very drunk & talking. I was sitting on the counter & he came to console me. My face was in his neck so I think that turned him on because he started breathing heavy & then pulled me into him. He then stopped and said it was a bad idea and I agreed, he then kept trying to convince me that it was a bad idea even when I told him I agreed. I just come off very flirty while drunk.

Night 2:
Again very drunk. Everyone was going to bed but I wanted to clean the kitchen first. He insisted on helping me even though I told him that he could go to bed & then he invited me into his room to keep talking. We talked for hours until we kept falling asleep & he suggested I stay there. I told him I didn't want to sleep in my day clothes though so he told me I should go change to pjs & come back. Which I did but I wore like my Mickey Mouse long pant pjs and a tank top, so not sexy at all! We cuddled a bit but really just slept.

Why I am confused:
-After the first night he kept looking at me & was much more flirty, always sat by me at dinner & I always caught him looking at me.
-The morning after the second night he had a different smile on his face when I came out of my room, a good type.
- Later that day though he was acting distant, when I asked if I could come get my glass from his room when wanted to put it is the kitchen, I feel like he was trying hard to not have me come to him room.

I had mentioned to our mutual friend to tell him that I don't like him cuz I didn't want to scare him off. I just feel like he has made more moves then me but thinks I'm the one making them.

He also told me if he liked a girl he would tell them and he hasn't told me.


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  • Good God just fuck each others brains out and get it over with. Or stop getting drunk. The sexual tension here you could cut with a knife


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  • There is a high sexual tension, of course, and he obviously feels something for you.
    You don't do and say things when drunk that you haven't already though about when you were sober..

    Plus, who says micky mouse jammys aren't attractive? I like to see a woman fully confortable with her clothing. You don't need g-strings and victoria secret clothes to look sexy :)


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