I think my boss is in love with me?

He's sort of my boss and he keeps a close eye on me whenever I'm around he's always around me and by me and when I talk to guys he's either around or he joins the conversation and he gets nervous tics when he talks to me and lately I notice he's mimicking me he doesn't smile at all but when he sees me he smiles I know he has a girlfriend so I backed myself away but he kept the whole looking at me and the being all around to the point people notice and I was called to the office and I was questioned about this I care about him but I don't want to get in trouble nor him he's my boss and he needs to learn that he can't show he's feelings like that he has a girlfriend and a job and he can't acted upon those feelings I wish he could and so can I but we both can't he needs to be a poker face like me.


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  • Use it to your advantage and file a sexual harassment lawsuit for 5 million dollars.


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