Does he like me?

I like this guy who sits beside me in my math class, and I really want to know if he likes me. On the first day we met, he sent me a Facebook request and messaged me all day, and then he texted me all day everyday after that. Just today I noticed that his pupils were dilated so much when we made eye contact. He always sits with his legs apart and lately he's been really shaky like he taps his foot on the floor and then puts his hands on his lap and rubs his legs. And he always teases me the other day he also kept playfully poking me, and continued to do so even when I told him to stop. Now lately he's been saying that telling me he's ugly, fat, or has no friends, and stuff like that, and disagrees whenever I say it's not true. Like does he want me to compliment him? And when we talk he always looks at me like my mouth or nose, mostly my eyes though. Also after we make eye contact he looks away and then looks back again and smiles. Somebody told me that he kind of likes me, but not really. But I think it could be more? What do you guys think


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  • He has a big crush on you


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  • Girl he loves you but wanna make sure u feel good around him too.


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  • It seems to me like he is interested in you.

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