Girls, is it too late for me to approach her?

I do sense that a girl does (or at least did) like me. She often times tried to look my way and the few times I caught her she looked away, but I took it like it was a sign that she was not interested. But she has done other things too, such as trying to get in my sight a few times, talking loud with her friends when right behind me, and a few other signs. But recently I've not seen as many signs and I wonder if she has begun to lose interest. And I take fault for that, I didn't look at her that much even when she looked at me, I did not say hello to her when she walked ahead of me in a way as if she wanted me to look at her and talk to her, and when I passed by her in a library I did not talk to her even when I caught her checking me out. After reading about girls and their typical signs of interest in men, I do believe that she was interested in me before, but I'm not quite as sure if she still is or not now. I realize that I do like her the more I think about her, and I want to approach her if I get any chance to. But my question is this: Is it too late to approach her? Do you think she may still like me right now but is very discrete about it. And how do you think she would feel if I approach her and talk to her?


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  • It sounds to me that she is not interested anymore. However, you're not going to lose anything if you talk to her.