LDR: Does anyone else experience or go through this?

I've been in a LDR for almost 2 months. We first met and started talking online in Aug and then met in person for the first time exactly a month later. So far, we've met in person twice (average once in 2.5-3 weeks). We get along as well in person as we do online, if not better, and we have a lot in common.

While we keep in touch every day, one thing I've realized is that he tends to be somewhat "distant" whenever we're apart again. He isn't that way all the time... only sometimes. He's busy a lot and can't be on his phone a lot when he's at work but when he's available to talk to me (usually week nights or in the weekends), things feel just fine. We'll talk about anything and everything under the sun and he tells me how he wish I were there with him, how much he wants me right now, and things like that. But sometimes, he'd tell me he wants me so badly that he's trying to change the subject to something else in order to distract himself from feeling that way. And when that happens, he'd have fewer words and a lot of one-word answers and the conversation just feels one-sided or not very genuine (and that's what I mean about him being "distant" sometimes). It hurts me whenever that happens because I love talking to him but I try hard to not let it bother me or show him that it bothers me. I'm always upbeat and try my best to channel positive vibes whenever we talk.

However, whenever we meet in person, everything about it is just amazing! We last met up last Tuesday and will be meeting up again next Friday. I'm thinking of bringing this up and talking to him about it next Fri because I just wanna understand the situation and what's really going on inside of him whenever such things happen. I'm thinking maybe he doesn't realize how this affects me and I feel it'd be nice to hear his thoughts/feelings/what he might have to say.

Does anyone else in an LDR experienced a similar thing to this? Feel free to share your LDR experience (s) with me.


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  • I think that's normal. Long distance is very emotionally draining and having a bad day on top of that can make someone quiet and less likely to be chatty about their day.

    • That's true. He isn't exactly the very chatty type to begin with either, though when we're together, we can talk and talk and talk and laugh together... all because we genuinely click.
      Thank you for your input! :)