What are some sweet texts/convos you've received?

I've crushed on this girl for a while, everythings points that she likes me in person except the fact that we dont text much. I admit I never really did like texting and I only texted to talk to her over the summer and have convos. As school started and we talk to each other everyday, I feel awkward about tryna text her at night. I dont know what to say?

I've only asked her questions about Hw so far this school year cause I actually needed it, I've tried to start a convos tesing but I suck at it. It frustrates me cause I feel like she doesn't seem enthusiatic texting. (In her defense I think I suck at texting) yet we are "close" in school and I feel a connection. Is she just playing hard to get? Maybe she doesn't even like me :(

Anyways how do guys usually apporach you girls texting wise or Guys how do you go about texting a girl?


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  • Texting is one of the biggest killers of relationships in general I find nowadays. I know its hard to get used to texting, but you mostly have to just imagine what you might say in a phone conversation. Don't let it filter your personality. Use smilies and winkies and silly faces and different emoticons. Also dont forget punctuation like question marks and exclamation points. Dont overuse these things, but throwing in an emote at the end of your sentence can often help portray what your tone of voice is or how you're feeling. Makes texting less robotic. Its delayed and that's what's annoying about texting, so if you really don't find it works for you at all maybe try and ask to call her. See if she is down for that. I know a lot of people nowadays are not down for calling (me included) and that doesn't necessarily mean we're not interested. We just have an aversion to talking on the phone, haha. So if she's not down, try and save texting for setting up plans or just simple catching up, so that you can save conversations for real face to face time. Feel it out with her and hopefully if she's into you she will respond more obviously to you in other ways than through a text :)

    • Well said, honestly texting is the only facet that I dont get much response from her. I dunno whys its bothering me so much but its like walking through a landmine every time I text her it like messes with my emotions.

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