Am I leading her on? and should I end things now or keep it going?

Ok so my one of my friends is trying to hook me up with someone on our college soccer team. We met briefly and talked last weekend during a football game. she messaged me on Facebook later that night, we talked for a bit and then I asked for her number. She seems like a nice girl but I'm just not getting feelings of attraction words her. It's also kinda weird because she has the same first name as my Ex, is that understandable or somthing that shouldn't matter? Anyways I dint think I really see things going anywhere with us at this point but would I be leading her on if I asked her to go out and do something this weekend even if I know I'm probably not gonna ask her again unless some feelings arise when we hang out


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  • she is obviously interested, so give her a chance. but just go out for lunch and tell her you have plans later, then if the date goes poorly, you have an excuse to leave. but if your date goes well, you can say that your plan fell through, and you would love to hang longer if she can.


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