Feelings related to LEGITIMATE Misogynists (not guys who think they´re better than girls, but guys who have an irrational mistrust or hostility...) ?

I´m sort of curious. A melting pot of factors has morphed me into a misogenist. No, I don´t think women are lesser, or weaker, or anything, I just don´t want anything to do with them 90% of the time. And in the process of distancing myself, I´ve suddenly gotten more, and more, and more attention. I´d like some feedback related to the thought of being friends with, or dating a Misogynist, or just a situation where someone has trust/hostility issues as a whole; plus just any other thoughts or questions.

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I'm realizing that I didn't quite get my point across, but part of what I mean by 'Misogyny' is hostility whenever it goes beyond idle conversation. And, I don't 'hate' women personally- it's just an entity, so it's genuinely be nothing personal.


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  • Don't call yourself something you're not. Own the definition of a misogynist or don't. You can't call yourself something and then change the definition.

    And it's an automatic no for me. Wouldn't even be friends. No form or any kind of social relationship at all. You hate my gender? Bye.


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  • Well, you're not a misogynist cause you don't hate women, you just had bad experiences and have grown bitter and tired, therefore not wanting to date them, even though you're just 16...
    A woman with self-respect won't date a misogynist, cause who's gonna date someone that hates you? Makes no sense.
    You just need a girl that "restores" your faith in girls, that's it, and I'm sure many girls wouldn't mind dating this kind of guy as long as he's willing to change, and as long as he has a real reason to be that way and not just trying to act like a victim.


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  • Why would anyone want to date or be around someone else who didn't like them?

  • Why don't you think you like women? I am not sure you are a misogynist.

  • "No, I don´t think women are lesser, or weaker, or anything, I just don´t want anything to do with them 90% of the time."

    Then you aren't a misogynist. Misogyny is a hatred of women and a belief that we are inferior. Not a criticism at all but like RandomUsername said, don't take the labels people throw around online too seriously.

    • "a belief that we are inferior"

      Wouldn't that more properly be called 'male chauvinism'?

    • No, believing that women are inferior is very much a part of misogyny. Props for the pedantry however.

  • I would never date a misogynist. In fact, I wouldn't even be acquaintances with a misogynist. Why would I be friendly with someone who hates me and everyone else who identifies as a woman/girl?

    You don't seem like a misogynist though. Misogynists hate women. You just seem like you've had some bad experiences and you're bitter, but you probably don't hate all women.


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  • Not wanting anything to do with women does NOT make you a misogynist. Maybe you should stop taking to heart what everyone says on the Internet. Do you use Tumblr or Reddit very often?

    I will repeat: Not associating with women does not make you a misogynist. It's so sad that we live in a time where a young dude thinks that keeping to himself makes him a misogynist. I hate the Internet.