Is he falling in love with me?

I have been dating this guy for 3 1/2 months... I am crazy about this man! He has said that he wants to do things with me through the holidays. He talks about me with his family and his mom asked for pictures of me. When he is on the phone he says he is with his girl and says my name. He gives me that sparkly loving look all the time and the chemistry is unbelievable. I was offered a job interview very far away in another state and i told him about it and he turned red and seemed very uncomfortable and told me he hoped i didn't move and why did it have to be so far away. I said where do you want me to go? and I asked would you go with me and he said, yes most likely. He hasn't said I love you but I am wondering, do you think he is falling in love with me? we haven't even had the exclusive talk yet... I dont know! I dont want to take a job and leave him if this can be something more!

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  • He is upset when you tell him you need to move away
    i am pretty sure he is


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