How should I react when the guy I likes asks me out?

First off I am 14 and never have been in a relationship. I met this guy through a friend, online and we kinda flirted nothing that big tho. Then we met in person and after that when we messeged our flirting got to like he will call me beautiful and I call him handsome and just stuff like that. We both obviously like each other and he has gave me reason to believe that when we hang out on Friday he will ask me out and I was wondering how I should react when he says it? Like should I give him a hug cause we haven't hugged yet? Do I just say yes? Should I change it up? I'm just nervous and over thinking this but need some opinions.


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  • First, welcome to the world of dating. Second, just relax. You do whatever you are comfortable with and if he doesn't respect that, then he doesn't respect you. Think about yourself before anything else. You like him, he likes you and you both want to hang out, that is the start, the dating phase is just to learn more about him and him more about you, he is probably just as nervous if not more nervous than you. To quote my favorite TV show
    "Well, try and be all nervous and rubbish and a bit shaky."
    "Because you're going to be like that anyway. Might as well make it part of the plan, then it'll feel on purpose."


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  • If you like him and you are allowed to date, tell him yes with a big smile and hug him. I am sure he will appreciate it tons.


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