Had the talk too soon?

I was dating a guy for a month & I started getting the feeling he wasn't interested. Stepping back now I realise I was worrying & letting people's opinions effect my own. So one night I said to him that if he wanted to call it a day that it was fine & I'd respect his decision. It wasn't a talk as to I want a relationship but more of if he's not feeling it I understand & respect his decision just
lrt me know.

He he got a bit pissy & said he didn't understand where this had come from. I explained why I said it & that I was interested as he said if I wanted to call it a day then fine. He never responded to my last message so I gave him space & messaged him 2 days later.

Just keeping it light & a bit of banter to show I never meant to have a serious talk. I apologised if I had pissed him off & said that was all I could gather from the silent treatment. He replied saying 'I'm not exactly pissed off it was just real weird and random. It's not the silent treatment at all signals a bit of a hit & miss up here.'

he's rs away for 2 weeks on a training course. Have I fucked it? And if I have how can I correct this? Do I give him space & let him come to me?


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  • If you did tell him you didn't want him to walk away then, Yeah give him space. If you haven't heard from him, text him a day or so before his return to see if he'd like to get together.