What to do when you realise your emotions are relying on the behaviour of the person your dating?

This is the first time I've felt like this and tbh I'm panicking, it feels vulnerable and I pride myself on being a strong unemotional person...

What do you do when getting a text from them makes your skip a beat? or their cancelling plans b/c work or something makes you really sad?

I know I'm not the only one who's felt this way, is it better to suppress the emotions or just let them take me?
We have an expiration date as we'll be living in different countries soon, so I know there's no future here...


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  • When she doesn't even realize we're dating. Also when I get too attached to the goal without knowing for sure how she feels about me.


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  • Yeah that happens but you need to just chill. Within moderation. Its fine to be happy but don't let saddness ruin your day.


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  • it depends how long you been dating. if its like a couple months. dont show him too much. dating last longer when your still working on figuring them out. but if he's leaving you might wanna let him know how u feel. either way have fun on your magical mystery ride. :)

    • Yeeeah it's been like 1.5 months *shakes head at self*

    • dont be ashamed to love. its good to be able to crush like this. it means u have a big heart. people like us are what the world needs. 👍

    • Thanks, this is all very surreal for me :)
      And sorry for the downvote, meant to upvote and slipped :S

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