Does age really matter?

I'm 18 and the person I'm dating is 16 but we been 2gether since he was 13 and I was 16...

how do you know when you love sum1!


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  • Age isn't a major factor at all. I mean it can be for some people but not me. If you really like the person why should how old or young that person may be matter? I'm just saying it shouldn't.


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  • your math is bad. 18 to 16, then 13 to 16.

    First it's a three year gap, now it's become a 2 year gap. you need to focus more on your education, especially if you don't know how to add and subtract.

    • Smd bitch what you tlkin bout I said I'm 18 and he 16 well he's bout 2 b 16 bitch so shut the f*** up

    • Wow... I can tell he doesn't like you. Sht comes out of your mouth. I would hate to be kissing you.

    • Nd ur mother look nd smell like sh*t 2 bitch

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  • Yeah I think so, but a few years gap won't hurt. I don't want to be with someone for the last 10 years of his life!