Is This a sign of severe deperession?

Im not entirley sure but im no longer happy with who i am anymore,, i know im beautiful and fit but i dont feel it at all,.. matter of fact i hate the way i look and my body, i hate my personality and i hate my Voice, plus i had a boyfirend of 3 years who made me dump him and said extremly hurtful thing thing witch hurted my selfesteem more.

2 years ago i wasn't even the Person i am today, before i was happy in my own skin and insecurity didn't run in my Blood,..

but now i have a Great job and a car but im still not happy i Just want to run off somwere and cry my eyes out, i hate the way i look and with more over i bien with jealousy everytime i see a pretty girl cause somewere in my life i was dumped for one 😩...


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  • You sound depressed. Seek professional help.

  • Sounds like it you probably should go see a therapist


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