Guys what do u think of girls who try to reach back to you after some time?

So there is this guy who asked me out a year ago but i refused. We have no communications ever since. I refuse coz he's sending off player vibes and i dont really know him, we are both strangers with no common friends or whatsoever. Im really hesitant that time and my friends (girls) made him sound like what if he was lying to you. So I got scared to hang with him. lol

What if i try to reach out to him again? Would he be interested? or should i just forget it? lol. Guys what do u think of girls who try to reach back to you after some time?


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  • I don't think much really, maybe they want to catch up or try things again.

    • would u go out with her if she asks you?

    • Possibly, yes.

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  • If i really liked u, i would be ready to go with u,
    but if i have A BIG EGO, I FOUND SOMEONE ELSE, or I DONT LIKE U ENOUGH, i will abuse u so hard that u will start crying.

  • Every girl that i have asked out, turn me down and then tried to reach me out after some time... they were out of my mind already. But! There is only one girl whom i know that reached me back. And the only one I gave a chance. With the difference that we were together and broke up due to some external problems. She appreciated my efforts and now we are back together and we are even better.

    • aww. I guess it's worth it for her to reach out to you again. Now, I feel sad. Okay, I won't think about asking him again. We weren't even close so the chances are very slim. Thanks for the op!

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    • no contact. yeah, i know :( I learned that lesson, they intervened at times on how i talk to him so it wasn't really my style or who i really am. no contact at all.

    • Maybe you can start talking with him and ask him after some days. I think that would work better

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