How long should I wait to ask her out?

So I meet this girl about second week of college. She was super friendly so I looked her up later on Facebook cause we were in same club. Couple weeks later I bumped into her at a carnaval and we talked for a while. It went really well, got to know her a little better. I offered to drive her back to her dorm and she accepted. We've been talking a little more, but I usually wait till the end of the week cause I need to focus on my studies otherwise I get really distracted easily. So I asked if she wanted to grab some lunch after we go to church and she said yes. But the night before she had to cancel cause her family came in town. She said we should so defiantly do it again. I thought I'd ask her again this weekend to do the same plan. It's hard to tell if she is interested or is just being nice. But I'm wondering how long I should wait to actually like ask her out. I don't wanna wait too long and get stuck in the friend Zone, but I don't wanna pressure her too early to go out. I don't have much experience with relationships, I'm use to getting rejected more ha ha. So I don't really know how to approach it. I really want to be in a relationship cause it's been like 5 years since I've been on a "date" Thanks!


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  • Never ever ask a girl second time. - golden rule.
    u already asked her out, if she wants to hang out with u she will make sure it happens, but never ask her again dude,
    u are sending, WEIRD, DESPERATE, CREEPY, STALKER kind of vibes, and the girl will run from u like a cheetah and make fun of u infront of her friends,
    u have done ur job, just dont be rude to her, maitain ur normal behaviour, and let her think that it did not bother u.

  • Just ask her to hangout once you feel you both know each other enough. Never wait too long.