Is it bad to go by feelings? I feel that I want to talk to guys again but I'm not sure how to deal with this feeling?

I'm not ready to date again I just want to talk to a guy but the feeling comes and goes but if I see an attractive guy I think about talking to him

but I'm not employed so I don't really actively pursue and I'm focused on myself more but sometimes if I see a really attractive guy I'll have the urge to but I don't know if it's just temporary or something because I'm not really focused on trying to talk to a guy but I think it would be nice to talk to a guy


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  • You're limiting yourself. Talking isn't bad, you can sure talk to attractive guys without having any problems. So, ignore whatever is stopping you from talking to them and give yourself this chance.

    • Well me being unemployed and self conscious is stopping me also I don't know what to say. I mean I'll have to ask for his number if I want to meet up and talk to him further

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    • My hair is always in a ponytail and I hate it and it's messing with my confidence

    • Don't worry about your hair, I'm sure many guys will like it. And I agree that it's hard to find things to say, principally when you find a stranger. A simple Hi and comment about any situation is a good start in my opinion.

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  • you will miss all the targets that u dont take.
    do u see how girls get good boyfriends?
    its they see a good guy, they go and give him subtle non-verbal hints and if he is interested in her aswell, he will talk to her. u getting it?
    u dont have to talk to them, just give them non verbal signs that u like them and thats it... if they like u back and they are single, they will take interest as well...

    • How do I give a guy subtle hints if I see a guy I like at a train station or on the train? I don't have a car so I'm on the trains a lot

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    • if they did not ask then u could have said "there is no one to have lunch this weekend, will u join me?"
      u goota have some wittyness, keep trying sweety, god bless u
      and yeah, try these steps on guys which u think are nice, dont try these on douchebags...

    • Well I don't plan on trying it yet I'm really not in the mood yet to talk to guys

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