Guys, What makes him attracted to me?

Sometimes I wonder why he likes me. He's 9 years older, has a fantastic career and a college degree. Me on the other hand, I have some college under my belt, but dropped out, needing a full time job as a single mom. I struggle financially. But for the most part I do OK for myself and child. I keep a roof over our head and food on the table.
He too is a single parent, but makes six figures. We've been seeing each other almost a year, I have never asked him for any money even though recently things got bad for my child and I after I lost my job. I managed. Though we stayed with him for a few days while my new place was getting cleaned.
I wonder what he sees in me? I am a strong woman and I've since been getting back on my feet. He recently asked me to see about moving to the same apt complex as him. Not to move in but to be neighbors. I don't know what he sees in me... but he seems to adore me when we're together and even when we aren't. He always texts or calls.


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