Guys, He stares at me all the time but never approaches me please help?

I asked him out in year 8 but he didn't reply, the most popular girl in school got involved and he couldn't say how he really felt, I'm in year 10 now and he stares at me a lot and in the run up to sports day we had to run round the track and I was like 50 yards away from the finishing line and he started to cheer me on and run with me and he even held his hand out for me to hold but I didn't, it was really embarrassing to start but I thought it was really cute, he knows I like him and he stares at me but he never comes to talk to me, I'm think he likes me but I'm not sure and everyone at school is telling me he doesn't love me (those people bully me so I take no notice) but I really need some help from the guys thanks 😊


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  • honestly be yourself and be friendly and ask if he wants to hangout sometime.. something causal just a friend. from there you should be able to get better feel if he likes you or not.

    • Thanks, I should probably try this 😂👌🏻

  • He's probably shy. I would be 99% sure that he is just to shy to approach you, so try making the first move yourself. You're living in modern times where it's okay for girls to approach guys.

    • Yeah, thanks for the advice I just have no idea how to ask him out 😂