How to ask someone out when your both shy?

Both me and the boy I like are quite shy. I think we can both tell that there is something going on between us and other people have recognised it too. I really want to ask him out and/ortell him my feelings clearly , but I'm really shy and he is too. I can't think of a way which isn't overly cheesy and or out of my comfort zone ( due to my lack of confidence in myself ).

If it helps I'm in school with him and we also see eachother in our group of friends out side of school most weekends.

Please help me out ^-^ thanks !


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  • I am not a shy person myself but a few years ago I had a class with a girl who was. She came up to me, did not say a word, just kind of awkwardly handed me a note. Her shyness was actually really cute. It was a Valentine ’s Day card with nothing but the “TO:” and “FROM:” filled out. I was like 26, 27 at the time and at first I thought it was really awkward, who does that outside of elementary school… but it was effective. I could not get her out of my head at all for the next two days. I may have even had an erection driving home that day. After that we spent a lot of time together and I got to know her really well. My point is that even if you are really shy and awkward there are ways to make it work.

    • I feel like it might be a little to obvious to other people if I gave him something like that this coming valentines ^^; I wouldn't want to draw attention to myself since I'd probably get really embarrased , even if the worst did happen and he said no. Thanks for the suggestion though :D hahahah

    • It does not have to be that obvious or even on Valentine’s Day. A scrap of paper with your number, asking him to call/text you would probably be just as effective. You could keep it in your pocket and hand it to him when you get the chance. Whatever you do good luck.

    • Ah okay, I see what you mean :) That sounds a little more do-able. Thank you ! :D

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  • Shy people like things done the easy way. So text him letting him know how you feel and ask him to dinner. If he likes you, I 100% guarantee he will reciprocate these feelings and agree to food. Good luck!

  • i dont know:)

  • If you aren't old enough to work, you shouldn't be dating

    • I started working at 15yo

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    • What did I jut tell you not to do

    • You told me not to reply again unless I was civil. However I'm under the impression I have been civil. I haven't sworn ( with the one exception of the time that I quoted you) and I've even suggested that I can't change your opinion etc. etc.

      Having a debate with someone who disagrees with you doesn't instantly label the opposite as acting in a non civil manner.

      It appears that the only time I may have slightly targeted you was the slightly sarcastic comment I made earlier. However I guess you have patronised me , ordered me to do things and spoke for my parents ideas ( which you haven't met ) .

      So how does it add up? I'm not sure whether I'm the "un-civil" one in this now.

  • Say hi want to go to the movies together


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