What is going on with my body?

I am going through so much now.

I took a large dosage of hormonal plan B pill on September 7 just one day after my period was done.

I got a coil inserted last wensday and it caused some spotting that was dark more like clot lookalike but it went away on Saturday.

Yesterday the clot began again and I was expecting my period on Monday so I freaked out took a test yesterday that was negative.

Today I got cramps and I began bleeding some red blood and I was like OK thank god its my period but its not a lot of bleeding.. If I take a q tip and stick it in I can see more blood.
What is going on


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  • Thank god I am male.


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  • ur body is probably just slowly reacting to the new hormes you're not used too

    • There is no hormones in cobber coil