Guys, do you really fall in love with good girls?

I was linked this article online called: "8 Reasons Men Fall In Love With Good Girls BY NIKOLAO MONTAYA"

Can you please take a look at it's points about how men fall for good girls because:

1- She’s loyal
Faithful, by your side when you're down.

2- She’s honest
Doesn't manipulate, honest with her emotions allowing to fix it, not bottle it up.

3- She’s sweet
Sensitive, not egotistical, innocent almost "chillike" in it, vulnerable making you protective

4- Forgiving to the point it haunts you
Doesn't hold grudges, forgives the worst, hopes you become better for your own sake too.

5- She's supportive
Puts needs of loved ones first, will cheer you on and support you in your endeavors, becomes nurturing when you're sick

6- She listens
She's wise, not conforntational and argumentative, pays attention when you speak, humbly gives new perspective.

7- She pushes you to be a better man
Wants you to be better, doesn't hold you down for fear of losing you. When you fail, she doesn't let you sulk, but gently urges you to get back on your feet. She motivates you by being a good person.

8-She's hard to find
If she exists, she's basically rare because she's constantly pressured to conform to other women and a likely target for sleazebags who try to use her.

Is this the kind of girl you guys want? Why? Why not?

You might want to click on the article because the author describes the girl in much more vivid detail under each point, so if there is something you dislike about her, you may notice there. And thanks for replying to everyone who does. :)


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  • This all sound very good, but at the same time, it sounds a little like "The Stepford Wives". I still want her to have her own personality, to do her own stuff. I want to be able to be proud of her, not to serve me.

    • Why do you think this list excludes "her own personality", "doing her own stuff", "not serving you"? What do those things mean to you? Do they contradict with anything written here?

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    • #4 - Do you want her to punish you for hurting her? Can you provide an example?
      #5 - In what way do you want to be behind your girl? You dream of standing behind a strong career woman? Something of that sort?
      #6 - It does mean she has her own opinions, but it means that she'll only give them to you if you ask, or will intrude gently if you need it, but she won't force her opinion on you. Do you mean you want a woman who will argue with you aggressively and incessantly until she wins?

    • #4 - Punish me, not necessarily. I want her to be mad at me. So that I know that what I did hurt her and so I know what not to do again. It's normal to disagree and to fuck up once in a while in a couple. She should be able to tell me when something is out of her limits. It's all about compromises. It's not all about what *I* want. It's about what she wants too.

      #5 - It's not my dream to have a career woman. But if it's HER dream to be a career woman, then I want to help her however I can. I want her to succeed in whatever she wants to do and I want to help her achieve her goals. It might be that she is a martial artist and want to compete around the country or she paints and want me to build her a place to paint or whatever. I want to be there for her like she is there for me.

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  • Don’t read that crap. Guys like anyone else are versatile. You can’t fit a demographic as massive as “all heterosexual males” into a 10 item list. Not to mention the list is so generic it could fit 90% of people anyways.

    • When you click on the article, it becomes a lot more specific actually. I know very few people like that. Girls especially. :O

  • Sounds very much like the girl i want yes!
    I imagine one of the reasons of her being so hard to find is that once she's taken they will never let go.

  • All of those points sound very attractive in a partner.

  • We fall for the one who is right for us, this Is my view anyway

  • haha yes! if i found a girl like this... i would date her, and hope to remain with her :)

  • You preetttttyyy much just described the perfect girlfriend.

  • The dream list of every guy. Why won't a guy want these qualities?


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