Just moved here (1 month ago). Found a girl I really like but she doesn't want to trust me. What should I do?

Hi :), I'm Charlie. I've just moved from London to the midlands and have started going to a new sixth form. There I met a girl who was completely different to anyone I had ever seen before. I started liking her a lot and I met up with her on weekends and we ended up dating this Saturday. Happy times :) Except I feel so insecure about the relationship. I have a rule quite set in stone with friends I have and I run off a basis of mutual respect. I trust her entirely with everything, I don't expect her to do the same but she still tells me nothing... She hints that there is something wrong and it's got to the point where I can tell when there is something wrong. But she tells me nothing, not even little things. I know it takes time for her to settle in to a new relationship but it feels like torture having to go to school everyday and seeing her all happy but knowing that she isn't okay. I want to know if she's fine but I don't know. She doesn't tell me anything about her unless I have to know and she hides stuff till the last minute. I know that this may be normal for some, but she is the only thing I have right now because I moved up here not knowing anyone and she was the only one who was there for me when I was lost. I just want to know what your opinions are :) Thanks


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  • Give it time. She'll warm up to you as she gets to know you. It won't happen over night


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