Crush is sleeping over? what do I do? panicking?

Well first i want to say, today when nobody is looking my crush cuddled me and kissed the top of my head and said " later fucker " he kisses me, cuddles me, strokes me, holds my hand, but he's shy and doesn'tt do it as much when there are other people around.
This Friday he is sleeping rounnd my house with other people, we plan to sleep together and cuddle. Next Friday tho, it'll just be me and him and he's agreeing to do this? is this a sign he likes me? also what could we do at the sleepover? any ideas? i'm panicking!!


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  • If I am not mistaken about human nature, you guys will have sex...
    That's pretty much what adults do when they finally get time to be alone ;-)
    Yes he likes you. It's pretty clear by now. What you could do is have a nice dinner that you two cooked together (start thinking about what to cook), with maybe a bottle of wine to untie both of your tongues and have conversations. There is the time to tell him how you feel for for him to do the same. Don't worry, he likes you. If conversation starts running dry, you could play board games or even better, watch a movie together on the sofa any movie will do since you won't really watch it anyway. excellent time for cuddling and making out. This might end in your bedroom.
    Have fun ! :-)

  • Of course he likes you, thus the kissing, cuddles, stroking and hand holding.

    What you would do is what you are comfortable with. Think to yourself how far you are willing to go, how far you want to go.

    Hands outside of clothes, hands inside of clothes. Hands above the belt? Hands below the belt? Oral?


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