Is it too fast to ask a guy questions about previous relationships after only talking for 5 days?

I started talking to this guy on Tinder 5 days ago and he seems like a great guy, almost too good to be true. Unlike most guys on these dating apps he has not brought up anything sexual, and even told me he would never just jump right into talking about sex with a girl. He's considerate and doesn't seem to follow "rules." We haven't scheduled to meet in person yet because he is working 3rd shifts every day this week.

I sent him a text a couple hours ago saying "I mustache you a question (insert laughing faces)... how long ago was your last relationship?"

He hasn't responded yet, of course he is at work. Do you think that is too much of a "pushy" question to ask this early on? I didn't think about it before I sent it, but now I keep thinking about it. I don't want him to feel like I'm trying to corner him into a relationship when we haven't even met yet. He seems like a slow-mover. Am I just overthinking this?


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  • I think you're overthinking but remember to not trust someone blindly because if something is too good to be true it probably isn't true. Its tinder after all, the hook up platform.

    • Yeah, I mean I don't trust him yet. I would have to actually date him in person for that to happen, but I just have a good feeling. Also, he deleted tinder after we started talking. He got my number and then deleted it. He said he had just made an account not too long ago and decided he didn't like online dating because the women seemed really superficial, which I view as a plus because I'm not that big on tinder either. I use it more for entertainment than anything.

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  • People usually advice to leave the ex relationships out of the future one, usually because they bring up bad feelings or show that you failed. It's really stupid considering most people have had a failed relationship, broken up or been broken up with someone. But eventually it is something we absolutely need to know about that person. No, you weren't wrong asking, but I would have advised asking in person on the second date. That way you both can talk about it and express your real feelings.

  • I wouldn't ask about the past relationship that soon. Him and I are the same, as in we like to deal in the present rather than the past. :-D


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