Why am I so upset about this?

I FINALLY found a guy I really like and we seem to hit it off great, but he's moving away in about a month. To say I'm not happy about it would be an understatement. I'm not trying to keep him from doing what he wants to do (not that I could), but I'm trying not to be so angry about it. I have even been avoiding him so I don't have to "expose" my disappointment and sadness (not that it would matter anyway, because if he liked me he would have done something about it by now). Why am I acting so childish? How long will this go on? I'm trying to snap out of it, but it's hard when you live in the same neighborhood and see each other every day.


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  • Why are you not moving to? Make the choice: Move and stay with him or stay and move on. Don't sit on the fence. Decide.

    • Moving wasn't ever an option, as he's not a boyfriend. I'm not abandoning my career and moving outside the continental U. S. for something casual. I just want some insight as to why I'm so pissed off about what is essentially just a crush leaving and how long it takes for me to move on.

    • You let your emotions get in the way of your head, that's why.

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