Is he really busy, or is he just not that interested anymore?

We used to text everday, talk on the phone a couple times a week, and hang out maybe once a month.

I first initiated contact and we talked a lot then he started to initiate for a while up until 2 weeks ago. He kind of disappeared but I kept on texting him at least every other day. He seemed standoffish I asked what's up he said he's really busy at work. so i decided to leave him alone... now it's been a few days no contact at all.. is he really busy or just not interested anymore? I see when he's online on Skype.. he used to message me all the time.. now not at all.


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  • Yeah well he isn't at work 24/7. I don't think he interested. This I'm busy at work line is a piss poor pussy way of saying in not interested


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