Is is possible to navigate from friendship to relationship? How?

So lets say I've been friends with this girl for a while and for the first few months I tried to keep her as a friend because I enjoy having a friend of the opposite gender. (Honestly I feel easier talking to them cause a lot of guys are douche.). But as time dragged on and we got closer I couldn't contain my feelings.

Im at the point were we are both comfortable with each other, talk to each other, help etc. but I have abstained to try anything to rash cause I dont want to make things awkward or possibly loose a friendship I enjoy cause she just makes me happy.

I've been getting a lot of "that your girl?", or "somthings up between you too" a lot now from my guy friends who are seeing how we act. Its just I suck at texting, I don't know how to flirt and we greet each other with a hand shake -_-. aka un romantic.

If she even liked me shouldn't she a bit nervous? Cause when we can we talk about whatever, she is always tryna tease me or one up me, she isn't afraid of extended eye contact, inside jokes, she pokes me with her pencil, tries and roasts me, tell's me about girl stuff (which I dont mind actually lol), and she doesn't refrain from being touchy. (except we've never hugged) so basically seems too comfortable.

She wanted to form a study group this weekend with her female friend and me, but her friend doesn't seem to be free but I really want some time out of school with her any tips?


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  • I've heard a lot of people just go for a date and see how it goes. No navigating necessary.

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