Now that he saw that I am developing feeling, he said that he is too old for me?

This guy chased me for few years and I finally start hookin up with him. There is a15 year difference and I feel like he is emotionally withdrawing and letting me know that this is just for fun. I knew that before but he asked me to be his girlfriend. I don't understand what he is thinking. He said that I will be hating him in five years when he gets older. Is it his way out? why the chase and request for a girlfriend I he knew that it won't last long?


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  • I sometimes want to laugh about how much girls worry about age, when so many of my guy friends also complain about age issues. It seems to be a real issue to some people. He might be really feeling that the age gap is an issue, but this is about his maturity level, not yours. I'm dating a girl who is about ten years younger than myself. I can either make a big deal about the age or just accept them as the person they are. The fact that he said all of that really concerns me. If you date him, be forewarned that he will dump you eventually. As for the chase, you're a hot girl who is 15 years younger, so I'm assuming he's close to being 50? I give him props for catching your attention, but I suggest you aim at someone who isn't going to let such a minor issue cloud your happiness.

    • Exactly he is so self conscious about his age or he got what he wants and don't want no more attachment. The reason I get his attention on my opinion is because he saw me as an ideal women who mostly keep for herself and decent than being that hot. I know that the age difference is not that much of a big deal because we are so comfortable with each other. To be honest I am more matured than he is. I am thinking this all about sex and fun for him. The chase might be to prove that he still can get someone who refuse him. The other day he warned me that as much as he gives me love , he don't throw his heart away that easy and can withdraw easily. Anyways you and your girlfriend shouldn't worry about age as long as she is in legal age. I think you both are in the same generation bracket. If she is your soul mate and live of your life , then nothing matters. For me , May be I am his mid life crisis project hahha

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    • If I were in your shoes, I'd move on. Easily move on. I feel like he's not meeting the right standard for you and you deserve a guy all in. That's what I'm doing with my lady, giving it my all, and I am a little conflicted about the age.

    • She got an awesome man. Keep treating her well. From the very beginning something about him is off with me. That is why I have been avoiding him that long. Surprisingly I found him to be quite the opposite of my impression , although something inside me screams run. I think it is the chemistry and the fact that he really knew me in my bad days and still find me attractive is blowing my mind. I don't think nothing will come from this relationship. To be honest I really don't know if I want any long term relationship with him. I wish that there was someone but there is no one at the moment. I want to settle and he is done with life divorce and kids. For him life is just about having fun. I am thinking of a good way to explain things with him and move on. I tried that several times before but he end up convincing me and shower me with love. I love the attention and love he have me and he makes me lough so hard. Ahhh life is not fair :)

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