Girls what the hell.. are any of you good anymore?

Aftwr my last breakup I had a long talk with my mom. She went in to tell me that girls do like nice guys but not pushovers. Said if you can be confident and be well rounded and sure of yourself and be nice you are golden. My mom definitely was a stunner and was prom queen very popular in college and high school. I guess I trust her opinion. I've always had sex with woman by acting like an arrogant dick. Then they seem to flood over me. I just I don't know anymore. Seems no young women are faithful and will only stay with you while you are convenient. Once something better comes along they break up and try to rationalize it by saying you didn't care about me lol. I'm Giving up.. I Don't Think I'm Going To Ever Get married.


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  • That's not a reason to give up. Sure there's lots of women that suck as human beings but that doesn't mean the good ones don't exist. I'm among them. I love my boyfriend to pieces and I'm certainly not with him for convenience. Usually what I tell girls who complain about men is that their choices suck. So that's what I'm going to tell you. I know plenty of bad people our there but also some good ones. The bad might outnumber the good, but that's what makes us so special. Maybe you should change your scene, your approach, the type of girls you go after? I think you might be making poor choices in women, the same as women make poor choices in men. If you're looking for the one stop. She doesn't come when you seek her out in every girl you meet, plus you're setting yourself up for hurt. She comes when the time is right, when you least expect her and probably when you don't want her. But when she comes she'll win you over, it happened to my boyfriend and I.


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  • I'll save you the hassle of trying to figure out what I've figured out about women.

    Don't date a woman from a single parent family if the single parent is a mother
    Don't date a woman if she doesn't get along with her father
    Don't date a woman if you've seen her with a bunch of guys
    Don't date a woman if she won't split the first check
    Don't date a girl if she does hard drugs
    Don't date girls that always go to bars
    Women don't ever mature to the same level as men and are pretty much stuck in a high school mindset until they are in their 30s
    Most women don't understand biology and physiology
    Seriously evaluate the honesty of everyone around you especially women in your life because they've gotten everything they've wanted just by being pretty or having a guy desperate enough to just give them what they want.

    What you should be looking for is a warmth in her eyes, a loving, caring, hopeful demeanor. You should feel her honesty not just be hoping for it; you should know, in your heart, that this girl is the girl you're going to marry early on in getting to know her. You should feel yourself trying to be a better man for her, not hoping that you can tame her. It should come easy but still make you feel like you need to put in the work to win her. Nothing ever worth winning ever felt as good without the effort.

    Follow these rules and you'll find what you're looking for. Just remember the most important things I feel are to find a women that comes from a family that is still together and find a girl that doesn't make you work for her but lets you feel like you need to work for her.

    Peace dude, don't give up hope.


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  • no u see once YOU have a bad experience, the rest of the female population instantly enters bitch mode and u shouldn't come anywhere near us because we're all gonna break ur heart.

    -.- like come on.


  • Not only you. I gave up, not so long ago.^^ Sure, many are like "it takes time to find the right one" and they're right - still, that doesn't help me to think better of guys, since most just wanna have a good time.

    And I don't wanna get married with 30. That's the line for me. But I won't even think about getting together with somebody I'm not 100% comfortable with.

    Either, you change your behaviours and try to get to know other kind of women, than your "hook-ups" or you stay there and hope for the miracle to happen, though. There's nothing more we can do, but hope for the best. And hey, it's not the end of the world. Don't focus on it too much or you might drown.^^

  • Well ask yourself deep down if you're a good guy bc you can't solely blame it on the partner you chose to have relations with. Part of that is you too.

  • One bad relationship and now it's our entire gender's responsibility to talk you into realizing that some of us are "good"...


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  • Maybe you are attracting arrogant bitches because you are behaving like an arrogant dick? Even though you say you do, it really doesn't sound like you trust your mom's opinion.

    • It's hard. Im not arrogant but I do put on an act to get women.. has always worked for me. Nice guys never seem to get any at my age

    • Well, you might wanna talk with mom some more cause I get the feeling that you are getting what you are asking for by putting on the act. Hell, it takes time to find the right person. Hell, I'm 30, still not married.