Should I take a girl I won't do anything sexual with me?

I'm dating a single mom with a two year old who known for a long time. An always liked I was the one who was there for her when she was pregnant. we finally started dating but she said No so we get married

she said no sex till we get married
I love this girl so much I want to be with you so badly


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  • Honestly, the answer to that has to come from within you. What do you want? How is the lack of sex affecting you now? Is she willing to do anything sensuous? Is it that important to you? Would you want to ask her to marry in the near future since you love her so much or would you prefer to wait? Does your desire for her outweigh your current sexual desires you're not getting?

    It's completely legit for her to want it, but it's also legit for you to want it and you get to decide if it's worth leaving her for it. Other guys answering are just basing it on their own values and willingness, but only you know how much you care about her and envision your future with her.


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  • Wait... she said "no to us getting married"? Is that what you implied?

    And as for dating someone when there's no sex... I'm going to be pragmatic and say that you shouldn't bother. Eventually you are going to want it and it's best you go in another direction now than get together with her and possibly cheat on her later.


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  • Oh my god you got played LOL.

  • I think she is playing you... Or maybe her last partner gave her false promises and left her when she got pregnant so that's why she won't have sex with you!

    But wherever it is if you love this women then go for it...

  • damn u dude,,, r u nuts?
    u wana marry a woman who already has kids?
    just bang her and leave her... marry a decent girl , there are lot of fishes in the sea...