He kissed my on the first date, does it mean anything?

We went on a date today and he kissed me just briefly twice and smile. Also a brief goodbye kiss and long hugs.
Is it possible that he will likes me, or guys can kiss everygirl on their first date without special feelings.
After said goodbye, he just made sure that he has my number and talked about next plan brieftly.
Now he hasn't text me yet.
What do u guys think? Help please.
Thanks xxx


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  • Why are u in such a hurry?
    give it some time, the actions u described are normal but one thing is for sure-
    either the guy really really really likes u, or else he is a very big player,,,,
    who he is, time will tell...
    u just keep going with the flow and wait... if he is a player he can't hide it too long and if he is a nice guy,,,, u will know it for sure

  • Yes, that means he liked you at first sight.


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