Still have feelings or not? or hiding something?

My crush and I knew we like each other, but however i dun wanna rush things so i told him to wait till the right time comes. We used to talk a lot last time, but now our chats are getting colder. And now he's frequently online and hardly replies me (can be up to 1 hr plus). yesterday he claimed he didn't lose feelings and i asked him why is he always online and not talking to me, he said he was talking to his sister. after one day of his frequent online pattern, he told me he's stress cos his ex wants him back. i was wondering whether is he talking to his ex now or? (i may miss out some info in this section, trying to cut long stories short). I have a feeling he's hiding some things and doesn't want to tell me. Is there a chance that my instincts are true?


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  • He found someone more interesting than u...
    just tell him how u feel and let him decide...
    dont fuckin wait... or else someone else will take him...
    if u think he is a nice guy... and u can have a good future together... dont let him go

    • i told him how i feel and he said he need some time to think...

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    • 1. maybe he doesn't want u to get hurt
      2. maybe he is playing hard to get
      3. maybe he is confused between that girl and u... because he cannot figure out if he likes u more or that girl...

    • ok thanks a lot!

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