Ok. So I met this guy (On line, I prefer dating that way so you can at least know the person and get a feel of their personality before meeting) Anyway, we've hung out only twice but the second night he pretty much made it clear that he was into me and even wanted to meet my kids. And that's all great and I really liked him saying that. Here's why I'm here. The very next morning ( I stayed the night) he was a little anxious (he even admitted it because we were both running late to work) but he gave me some bars for breakfast which I thought was nice and I left. Then he texted me asking how efficient my birth control was. So this was like a 180 degree to me. So I texted him saying I protect myself because I DONT want any babies. Then I expressed how I thought he was acting shady from night to day type of mood change. He apologized and said he didn't mean to come across in that manner. Long story short, it's like I don't hear from him all day (well he sent a pic of his neck since I... messed it up hint hint ;) ) lol until 1045PM he sends me a video. So I didn't respond til this morning followed by a good morning w/ a kiss. He responds good morning w/ a smiley face. Even when we first met he wasn't too much of a texter so maybe that can explain why he doesn't text me "hello" every once in awhile. But for him to revert with a smiley face? (He reverted once w/ a kiss back) I feel like I'm wasting my time already. I'm not going to contact him anymore but what if he text me again? I just feel like.. he's full of shit. Any advice or insight? Am I over analyzing? Being smart by seeing the red flags? please.


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  • I would go with your gut feeling on this one.


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  • Goodness, you'll drive yourself insane at this rate!

    Slow down, deep breath. Wait for him to make the next move. I don't see anything to panic about here.

    • I'm sorry :( Geez man its like I date nothing but bad boys... this guy is like a nerd lol he's different and I'm for once I'm scared. I don't want to mess this up but still want to keep my pride and self worth in check. I won't contact him again until he makes a move but damn. Your right. I'm just scared. I need to breath lol

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  • If you stayed the night after only meeting him twice he might have different thoughts. It's been hard wired into men's brains there are girls you date and girls you marry. If you have kids already and didn't use protection that gets them paranoid that you are out to bleed them dry for the next 18+ years. It would also get him thinking if you didn't insist on protection with someone you don't know well should he be worried? I'm not trying to make you feel bad just Iv had this conversation with guys before. I also have children and wondered what it is that makes guys act the way they do. Sorry for being blunt. The upside is that he obviously likes you, he's still texting regularly enough :) but maybe just have it out with him

    • no but I did insist!! lol I promise. I told him to use a condom and he was like "well ur on birth control right?" and I told him yes but if he was gonna me fucking around w/ different girls then I'd prefer he put a condom on. Then he kissed me passionately like if HE liked that. Then we did it :( lol and thank you for your input :) I feel better now that you said how it looks like he is into me.

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    • I'll have to check that out! And yes, I can be a bitch too and trust me, men really don't stick around for dumb shit for too long if that's the case. I won't let a man walk over me though. I just try and be me... like the real me would have been like "wtf how come you can't even text me goodnight instead of sending this bullshit video?" But I'm afraid if I trip like that he'll go running far away lol So I'm pretending somewhat but its only going to be a matter of time before I tell him he's just full of shit.

    • But thanks girlie! :)