Girls, what do you think about german guys?

Hey Girls, I'm a 22 year old guy from germany. And I'd like to know what you think about german guys? Would you date a german guy or wouldn't you? If you wouldn't, why wouldn't you? Of course I know that there might be some cultural differences, but is this enough to say no? Please tell me your opinions. Greetings


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  • Yes, I would date a german guy. I don't think cultural differences are enough reason to not date someone, especially if there is a good connection between both.

    • Thanks for answer :) I agree with you!

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  • I wouldn't because I only date guys from my own country.

    • Thanks. Would you date him if he was living in your country?

    • Sorry if I'm late lol but yeah I'll date a German guy they are interesting to me. I kinda agree with you too on the whole difficulties with living in separate countries but if they are really dedicated then what the hell 🙂😊