Have you ever been speed dating?

Like an actual event, with cheap drinks and the whole two mintues to decide to tick the person or not and see if you match to get their contact info? Basically old school tinder...

Anyway, I went through a thing for university, so everyone was in my age range (the regular ones you find seem to be 25+ at least). I had a blast! I have never had such a great male/female ratio- it was almost three times as many girls than guys! And the hostess said the ones she normally does are the same way, always way more girls than guys.

Anyway my experiance was great. It is kind of scary how qiuckly you can find if you want to actually have a date with someone or not after only 2 minutes...

The people who did the tallying also had me down as recieving the most yes ticks as well!- What? I have never been popular with the ladies in that way... but after doing some research, apparently going in with no expectations and just having fun and being funny is by far what matters most to women, even over looks- unlike clubs and bars. I actually ended up dating a girl who I clicked so well with, we went out immediatly after the session.

Anyway, I was just wondering what other people's experiances were? I just know so many guys complaing how they can never meet women- Well I think this may be the way- even if it is a bit cheezy...


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  • No I have not.


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