I m sick should I text her or let her text me?

I m dating this girl and when I m with her everything seems excellent but when it comes to texting she doesn't hit seen or reply for hourrsss and hours even though she is online she probably put privacy settings on whatsapp when she heard that it makes me feel confused

I miss her I didn't see her for a few days I would like to talk to her, yesterday I told her that I m sick, so I was wondering should I let her text me first today or is she playing a game to see how much do i care about her and in that case i text her first today?
I guess i m overthinking it?


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  • i dont know im having the same problem :(


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  • In my case she reply immediately when she see my text but some times she do not open her whatsapp throughout the day

  • This actually won't matter who texts first but you can let her text you.

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