Cute things to say/do to a girl I'm dating?

she's not the most girly girl out there, but I want to escalate physically. What would you guys recommend me to say and even do? I'd rather something clever/witty/cute. Thanks!


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  • Cute things to do (I'm girly girl)
    -lifts chin up to kiss her.
    -kiss the back of her hand while diving or walking and tell her you love her.
    -kiss her forehead
    -grab her face (one hand on each cheek) and kiss her randomly
    -hug her from behind
    -cute Facebook posts about her
    -when she's eating chips grab her hand and eat the chip she's about to eat to tease her
    -tell her how lucky you are to have her.
    -when holding her hand rub your thumb against hers
    -when you see her looking at you smile at her
    -whisper you love her


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  • Use romantic charming words. Google is your friend.


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  • Lol, be yourself. That is the best thing anyone can tell you. If you try to "game" someone, eventually they will find out or you will fumble it (and fumble hard). There are no shortcuts to this sort of thing.

    Just be yourself.