Question for older women who date younger men, do you ever expect anything from younger men when dating them and?

felt like you're entitled to be treated like a princess by the younger man, despite that you're the older, more life-experienced and more financially set one in the relationship?

Recently, I've given up on dating younger women and women my age due to their lack of maturity and responsibilities for their own action. Now, I've encountered this older woman at work (about 11 years older than me) who seems to have a feeling for me. She's actually a beautiful woman by my standards but I don't know if I should also trust older women.

Will they actually treat their men better than younger women or are they just the same as the rest of the other women that I've dated and broken up with?

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  • They're probably just the same. If they're different, then all you need to do is deal with the younger women's bullshit, knowing that they'll turn into these "older women" one day.