Did I make a mistake?

A guy is losing interest in me very rapidly when he was very interested at first. People told me I made myself too available and thats why he got bored. He didn't text me for 2 days, but then text me saying sorry my signal is rubbish, you ok?

I replied very friendly-ly and then asked him if he'd managed a joke he was trying to pull and put smiley faces etc.
But I've just realised. SHOULD I HAVE ACTED ALOOF? Should I have just replied a short reply and not seem interested?
Someone also told me that I should never talk about him and make conversations all about ME because otherwise it means he's not interested. But I asked him about himself and said nothing about me


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Most Helpful Guy

  • I think you did just fine.

    • ok update, he replied a very short reply answering my question about the joke but didn't reply about how he was or asked anything else about me or even attempt to continue the conversation. now im left with nothing to reply but am worried that if i dont reply anything, the conversation will be dead forever. should i just let the conversation die and accept that he's no longer interested? because it seriously seems like it >.<

    • If you can sense he hardly put any effort in with you then go with your gut feeling.

Most Helpful Girl

  • You know what? I suggest you stop playing games. If a guy lose interest because you aren't playing games then it's his loss and he wasn't the right one anyway. I seriously don't understand how people how the energy or time for bs like that.


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What Guys Said 1

  • who told you this girls or guys

    • guys gave this advice

    • look you're too busy trying too play the game, be up front, but remember you will be hated for you're honesty most of the world doesn't like honesty remember my words

What Girls Said 1

  • Next time around, act like the apple at the top of the tree hardest to grab. Talk about what interests Him and if he is Into you, he will show Interest by asking you things about yourself.
    "Losing Interest" sometimes means as well, that he grew cold duck feet at the prospects of thinking there was a bit More in store with you and him, and if you play "Aloof," he won't read into anything.
    And the next time, don't make yourself so 'Available,' this will also get him thinking.
    Good luck. xx