My old crush suddenly stopped talking to me after a joke a few months ago. He started talking to me last week again and im confused?

We were flirting for a while and he had found out that I liked him through our many mutual friends even though I never told him. And he kept on giving me mixed signals and asked me to comeover and then after I said I wasn't sure quickly cancelled it. He kept on telling me that he likes me and im pretty but he can't date me at the moment and he might after our exams. Once he asked me to sit with him at recess because we didn't talk in person as much as we did online and after 2 days he msged me and said that im not his type... and he didn't talk to me for about 4 months after it and unfriended me on fb until last week he suddenly asked me about how I've been and msged me saying that he doesn't want any tension to be between us and asked me to take a picture with him at school and signed my shirt calling me babe and stuff (last day). But then he went to my friends house and called me asking why I don't love him while I kept on talking to my friend. Now I'm so confused because he didn't even talk to me after then and hasn't even re added me on fb yet...

I dont know if I should talk to him, wait for him to talk to me or just stop liking him.


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  • I would not overthink it.


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