Guys, (in complete curiosity) what does it mean if your ex starts dating his ex again right after you two broke up?

You should know that he has a lot of exes and this girl he's dating now is really, really easy. Anyone can get her and she's a pole dancer (not that anything is wrong with that, its just that she acts like a striper in real life). She has nooo style (style is really important to my ex btw) and a really ugly face. Her personality is awful and all she thinks about is motorbikes and guys. Everyone thinks that she's a big whore. Why would he return to a person like that?
Oh and don't misunderstand me. I did move on from my ex, but it just happens that I'm curious in general why any guy would go back to THIS KIND of an ex.
Thank you in advance :)


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  • They moved on extremely quick.


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  • Well if he'a going back to ex'a he's pathetic amd stupid

  • He's lonely

    • Makes sense... he's one of those types that don't know how to be alone anyway

    • Yeah and he probably just wants an easy lay