Are there no "older" single girls out there?

does it only appear to me like this or are there literally no single girls over the age of 25 that are not single mothers already?


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  • I'm older than 25, I'm single, and not a mother!!!


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  • It appears that way in most cases especially if they're good looKing

    • yeah... don´t want to sound condescending here. but even the fat and ugly ones are taken xD

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    • Most likely and would be attracted to your accent and the fact your from Germany will help

    • lol do you really think the arnold schwarzenegger accent is "attractive" to some women? :D

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  • I am in different international book clubs across Bonn, Koln and Dusseldorf and most of the women there are above 25 and single. Why not join some club or meet up?


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  • I wish i could introduce you to my HS italian teacher she is 35 but she is really beautiful single no kids :)

    she needs a husband lol! she says i am too young though :(

    • yeah and i guess i´d hurt her pride to have students find a date for her :D

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    • lol good job :D

    • I might ask him that was a few years ago, he probably tell me now that I am out of the school system 😄😄😄