Is this going anywhere? and if not how can I make it more serious?

I have been seeing this guy for 5 months now but most of it has been long distance, we sent the first three weeks together constantly then we were apart all summer but spoke pretty much all day every day and met up about 4 times when we were both back in the same country. neither of us are seeing or sleeping with anyone else and when we hang out its not just sex, we do movies and food and some nights just go to bed without sex. we are now both back at uni so will be living 5 minutes apart till summer and he's told me it isn't just sex but i'm not sure if he this means he has real feelings?

However i asked him to go to the cinema with me the other day and he said that was too serious, he got out of a four year relationship at the end of December and i think its putting him off a new relationship but its been a while since they broke up? I'm not saying i want to be his girlfriend right away, i enjoy what we have and i'm really busy so the commitment would be a lot for me too but i'd like us to be able to go on real dates but im not sure he likes me enough or how to convince him dating isn't as serious as he thinks it is.


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  • No. It's long distance. Enough said