Getting mixed signals from this guy?

I am so confused, i have no idea if he is actually interested or not. This guy is a class below me, i have spoken to him only a few times but he always looked like he would run away from me. A month ago he randomly messaged me asking for help in lab so I agreed and he said that he would feed me everytime i helped him out. So he took me to lunch after i helped him out at first, and he gave me his number, we text regularly and he said that he would help me out in the gym in exchange for me helping him in lab. I kinda felt like he was interested in the beginning since he opened up a little but i really can't tell anymore, he plays it too cool. He'll text saying something like yo and other times use my actual name. I caught him staring at me once and when i looked he quickly looked away. I have no idea what to make of this and this week when i helped him in lab i was a bit stern and serious with him and he just looked sad and kept staring at the floor. Is he just using me for labwork? One of his friends had asked me out last semester but i made it obvious that i wasn't interested, i've been known to be the prettiest girl in my class but not that it matters.


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  • You're jsut a classmate to him