Does a guy miss a girl who loved him? Does he realize she was never wrong?

I had a lot of liking for a guy. I loved him madly. But i am half sure if it was one sided. The guy refused me saying his family does not allow him marrying with his own choice. Then he said he never rejected anybody in his life as he doesn't feel himself too superior. He used to call me and talk for longer durations; infact he never disliked it whenever I expressed my love towards him. He always said, "Its never wrong to keep feelings." However we guys had a bit if misunderstanding among us and he told me to stay away from him as people gossip about him because of me. He said I was making his fun. I felt hurt. I tried to call him and clear everything after a few days but he did not take my call. After that I have become complete silent. It was never my fault and I never made his fun. I am sad how the way things went; I didn't deserve that. Will he be alright after some time? He did not unfriend me over Facebook. I am VERY hurt.


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