Should I date this guy?

Ok I've know this guy for almost a year and he's hurt me before the first time he chose his ex over me then the second time he blocked me and I got really really depressed and I cried for two hours straight and I thought about cutting myself which I didn't the third time he blocked me again and that same week after he blocked me I cried again and then I found out my sister was pregnant and that just brought up the memory of my niece who died before she was born a year ago and a different guy who just messed with my feelings while five of my relatives died messaged me and then I was finally happy because I told him to fuck off and then Tuesday the guy who blocked me unblocked me and we haven't talked for about two months he messaged I got a little bichy at him but yesterday he asked me out and I still have feelings for him but I also like this new guy who I've only known since Tuesday. Should I date my friend or what should I do?


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  • No you shouldn't

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