Guys, Do you do these things to your girlfriend when they sleep? BOYS ONLY?

My boyfriend strokes my back,
kisses my head repeatedly in a row
holds my hand,
may poke my butt,
and even says " shhhhh"
as I'm falling asleep is this normal?


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  • What the hell is with "shhhhh"?

    Everything else is normal but that's just fucked up yo.

    • Like its when he's stroking me and holding me close. I like it because it reminds me he is there.

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  • I don't cause that would freak her out. So thank you I will start doing this.

  • Well, I don't say "shhhhh" but any of the other stuff seems pretty normal.

    • I like it because it reminds me he is there

    • I do the rest of the stuff. And there are few things finer than waking up with your lover next to you in the middle of the night, and snuggling close, running my finger through her hair, wrapping my arms around her and going back to sleep.

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