Can you be physically attracted to someone only sometimes?

I met a guy online and we dated for about three months. When I say we dated I mean we texted every day, he would take me out about once a week, always pay for me, we could cuddle and talk for hours after the dates, and we had sex multiple times. The realtionship started off casual for me, but by the end I caught feelings for him and wanted to be exclusive. When the topic was approached he let me down by telling me "something was just missing, i think i'm just not physically attracted to you". He specifically meant physical, because according mentally I was so attractive to him and such perfect girlfriend material "its ridiculous"

My question is, does this even make any sense? How could a person think they aren't physically attracted to you, when a week before they were texting you about how they wanted to sleep with you. Can you be ok looking enough for casual sex, but once commitment is on the table you are no longer attractive to them?


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  • dumb girls like u get fucked by players and then cry over it,
    what was the hurry to do sex?, couldnt u wait?
    he got what he wanted and now he dumped u...
    god bless u

    • Why must you assume that I am dumb and crying over it? it just seemed like a strange thing to say to me that's all. Guys always pull the "it's not me its you" excuse or sugarcoat it in some other way. So excuse me for finding the physical comment to be weird.

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  • Some people are very fickle. They change their minds all the time. I think the best thing to do would be to ignore him and move on with your life. You don't need him in yours.


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  • I find what a girl wears can sometimes make her look more attractive if I normally wouldn't be attracted to her.


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