Guys constantly text my girlfriend, and only flirt with her.. It annoys me, yet she desnt seem bothered. She called me crazy.. it hurt?

She'll always delete the convos, and some guys have been here since we first started dating... I feel like its a competition.


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  • She probably calls you crazy because she doesn't understand why you can't trust her. I consider it kind of shady that she deletes the messages. If she had nothing to hide, she wouldn't bother deleting them. What does your gut tell you to do?


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  • Tell her how it makes you feel, if she cares about you she'll make it stop. If she doesn't give your feelings much care, dump her ass.

    • She keeps telling me she ignores them and I have nothing to worry about, yet they're still here.

    • Well lets be honest as guys, were never going to leave a pretty girl alone, but i guess if she's telling you she ignoring them and you dont have to worry, i wouldn't sweat it.

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